Autonomous Data Logger VS-317

Brief Description

VS-317 is an autonomous data logger designed to operate on land, air, sea vehicles and register data from external vibration impacts, as well as temperature values.

The device has an embedded 3-axes vibration sensor and a high-accuracy temperature sensor. The device has adjustable sensitivity and measurement range and operates in the following modes:

  • continuous recording mode with predefined sample rate
  • alarm mode: data are acquired only when the threshold level is reached

The temperature measurements are recorded into the embedded memory with a user-defined interval.

The values obtained from measurements are recorded into the embedded memory with timestamps.

Technical Features

Number of vibration measurement axes 3
Frequency range of acceleration measurement , Hz 0.1 ÷ 800
Maximum measured acceleration on each axis, g ±15, ±190
Acceleration measurement error in the whole frequency range, % ≤ 5
Accelerometer sample rate , Hz 50 ÷ 3200
Temperature range, °C -40 ÷ +60
Autonomous work time from 5 embedded accumulators, h ≥ 720
Dimensions, mm 120 × 110 × 36
Weight, kg 0.73
Case material Aluminum
Protection IP65


VS-317 autonomous data logger is provided with the VisShock software. It helps to adjust the data logger and read the data from it in a convenient way. The software displays the acquired data in the textual and graphic forms with time-stamps.

The software also enables displaying the acquired data in real-time: the device is connected to PC with a USB cable, the recording is switched on and the readings of the embedded sensors are displayed on the PC screen in the graphic and textual forms.