“ROSTECH” Ltd. is a manufacturer of vibration shakers of VADS series, including VADS – 1500 MK, VADS – 400MK, VADS 200 MK, VADS – 100 MK, VADS – 10 MK.

“ROSTECH” also performs technical service of vibration shakers, and changes lamp amplifiers for semi-conducting ones in the shakers of VADS, LDS, TIRA types.

“GlobalTest” Ltd. - is a research and manufacturing company, which designs and manufactures measuring sensor equipment. The enterprise was founded in 1991.

“GlobalTest” currently offers more than 300 kinds of piezo-sensor equipment. Those are accelerometers, force, pressure, acoustic emission, and sensors coordinating electronic devices, calibrators and other additional applications.

“GlobalTest” metrological service is accredited by the Federal Agency for technical regulation and metrology to conduct calibration, initial and periodical checks.

“Vibrotron” Ltd. (Maykop) develops and produces serial and customized vibration equipment, repairs and modernizes vibration shakers of all well-known companies.