Stationary Vibration Monitoring System VS-357

Brief Description

VS-357 system is intended to perform stationary vibration monitoring of any industrial equipment, which comprises rotating parts: bearings, gearings, spindles, electric engines etc.

Main capabilities:

  • accumulating and storing information about the condition of the equipment;
  • control and prevention of shock (collision);
  • diagnostics of the machine’s operation aimed at early detecting defects and performing repairs

The device is installed into the DIN rail.

Specialized VibroMon software is used with the device. API and documentation necessary to work with other software are provided upon request.

Technical Features

Number of vibration measurement channels 4
Frequency range, Hz 0.5 ÷ 10000
Configuration of input channels IEPE, linear
Number of analog channels measuring DC voltage 2
Range of DC voltage measurement, V ±10
Digital inputs/outputs
8 inputs and 8 outputs
Galvanic isolation
Response time*, ms ≤ 0.2
Basic communication interface Ethernet 10/100 Mbit/s
Additional communication interface RS-485
Supply voltage, V 24 (±20%)
Dimensions, mm 162 × 115 × 61
Weight, kg 0.35
* Response time - time interval between shock and control signal appearing on the digital output.


VibroMon software enables the user to adjust the parameters of the monitored equipment and to integrate the device into the SCADA system of the factory.

One VS-357 device is able to control up to 24 different parameters. For each of the monitored parameters the user can specify abort and warning levels.

VibroMon enables performing vibration monitoring in real time in the interactive mode.

VibroMon helps to predict the development of defects in order to improve the performance of technical support service.