Hand-Held Aircraft Analyzer VS-311V

Brief Description

VS-311V Hand-Held Aircraft Analyzer – is a system intended for vibration measurement, recording and analysis on board planes, helicopters (classical or co-axial rotor scheme) and other aircraft, as well as for blade tracking and dynamic balancing of main rotors.

VS-311V software provides synchronic operation of several data acquisition devices, connecting them together to form a local network to control simultaneous work of several VS-311V devices with a laptop or a personal computer.

VS-311V allows running data analysis “on the fly” and, if necessary, uploading the acquired information into a personal computer for further processing in a SD-card or local network.

Technical Features

Number of vibration measurement channels

1 ÷ 6

Number of channels for blade tracking

1; 2

Number of rotation frequency measurement channels


Frequency range, Hz

from 2 to 10000

Acceleration measurement range (RMS), m/s2

from 0.05 to 98

Velocity measurement range (RMS) on the 5 Hz base frequency, mm/s

from 1.6 to 3120

Displacement measurement range (RMS) on the 5 Hz base frequency, mm

from 0.051 to 99

Distance measurement range, m

from 0.5 to 16

Blade tracking measurement range, mm

from 0 to1000

Rotation frequency measurement range, RPM

from 60 to 60000

Acceleration accuracy on the 160 Hz base frequency, dB


Acceleration (velocity, displacement) accuracy in the operating range, dB


Absolute accuracy of blade tracking, mm


Rotation frequency measurement accuracy, %


DC voltage, V

12 ÷ 48

Power consumption, VA, not more


Continuous work time from an accumulator, h

up to 8

Diagonal, inches


Resolutions, pixel

640 × 480

Ambient temperature, °С

from -30 to +60

Enclosure rating


Dimensions without handle, mm

260 × 155 × 55

Weight, kg, not more